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20 Jan 2005

Should we be Surprised?

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As reported on Democracy Now!, the US has initiated covert miltary operations in Iran. Is this really a surprise? The captains of capitalism need more resources to turn into profit. It is a fundamental flaw of capitalism. Breaking even is not an option. I studied Economics and I believe that an open economy can work. But the people must be organized (typically as the government) to protect the public’s interest. We haven’t had that yet, and with the inauguration of Bush, we won’t have it for another 4 years. The government protects the captains of industry. Why else do our own police and homeland security agents stop peaceful protestors? So many reasons have been given for military intervention: civilizing the savages, anti-communism, democracy, 9/11. I really think its for one thing, adding profit. I know this is simplistic, but does it have to be complicated?

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