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13 Feb 2009

Think About Signing the Petition for Truth Commission

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I signed it. I think its important, I hope you do too. War crimes and illegal actions must be prosecuted. Obama is totally wrong on this…a truth commission does not “look backward,” and IT IS “looking ahead,” because it means we want to show future people that your ass will be thrown in jail for this shit!


10 Feb 2009

America the Beautiful?

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We really are a country to envy, right?
So Christian at heart.

Man who froze over $1K in unpaid bills had $600K

BAY CITY, Mich – An attorney says a 93-year-old Michigan man who froze to death after a power company restricted electricity to his home over roughly $1,000 in unpaid bills left an estimated $600,000 to a hospital.

Marvin Schur’s attorney, Cathy Reder, told the Detroit Free Press the World War II veteran bequeathed his entire fortune to Bay Medical Center.

Schur’s frozen body was found Jan. 17, four days after Bay City Electric Light & Power installed a device on his electric meter that cuts power after a predetermined level is reached.

State regulators on Wednesday issued emergency rules designed to protect more people against electricity or heat shutoffs in the winter.

-Thanks A for the link

02 Feb 2009

Pro-Israel Rally in US

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Wow, it’s hard to really comment on this. “Wipe them all out,” they say in this. Isn’t that what the atrocities of the holocaust was all about? Do they not see the insanity of their position, given that Jews went through similar hatred? It’s too much to even think about. Just watch.

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