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09 Nov 2006

Finally!!! War of Terror Rebuked

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This blog was started two years ago in the wake of the George Bush victory**. We held a phone call with about 25 people from around the country to figure out why on earth that happened. Well, this election turned out the way we believed it should have in 2004: with those who are liars and for this debacle in Iraq voted out of office. Of course there is a long way to go. Who knows if the Dems really will have the courage to stand up to the real power of America, big business. I believe the takeover of Congress is a postive step. Cheers to all you voters out there and volunteers who helped make this whole thing happen.

**I know he barely won, if at all due to the cheating in Ohio, but it shouldn’t have even been that close as far was we are concerned.

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