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27 Jan 2010

Howard Zinn Died Today

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I am a better, more informed person for having read his book A People’s History of The United States: 1492-present. My sadness is impossible to describe, America lost an important man today. Having this happen after the Haiti earthquake, the Supreme Court decision, and the Left starting to realize Obama is a conservative leader, it’s getting to be a bit much to handle. Zinn helped me see America for what it really is, and I’m not going to turn away just because it’s still ugly. I’m going to keep learning and keep fighting.

Howard Zinn is A Hero

26 Jan 2010

Religious War, “They Started It!”

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This cracks me up, even though it’s sick on so many levels. It boils down the “war on terra” to a nice, little, easy to understand nub.

Memo to Doocy…it’s not just Muslims upset by the “Jesus Rifles,” it’s pretty much everybody with a brain or a conscience.

20 Jan 2010

2009 Inflation about 3% or 4%

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Knowing inflation helps to understand whether a CD rate, wage raise, or mortgage rate is good or not. After deflation in 2008, inflation is back.

2009 Consumer Price Index: 2.7%

2009 Producer Price Index: 4.4%

19 Jan 2010

Bank of America Sucks

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I have an account with them, and I will be closing it ASAP. I never use it, and so I don’t check the monthly statements often. I just checked them and they had been charging me $20 per month for the past 3 months! I haven’t made a single transaction with this account in almost a year. I called twice, and finally was told it was a glitch. They thought my account had gone under the minimum amount, but of course this was a mistake.

I had strong words for them, and they did fix the “glitch,” or so they told me. If I had stolen $60 from Bank of America, they would put me in jail. But they can steal from me and get away with it by saying its a glitch. How am I supposed to know it won’t happen again. I know one way, closing the account and moving my money to a credit union in my neighborhood!

Bank of America Bailed Out, And Still Screwing Its Customers

08 Jan 2010

The Crotch Bomber

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Of course this post is about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who allegedly hid chemicals in his underwear that “could have, if all went as planned, effected an explosion that might have at least disabled or even downed the plane,” a Delta Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Thus, the crotch bomber.

All this lame talk about Obama not connecting the dots to catch the crotch bomber, how about this one from 3 years ago!

Wouldn’t it be bad to have the perfect police state anyway? The entire interview, from June 19, 2006, is hilarious, by the way…

06 Jan 2010

Move Your Money to a Community Bank

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A common sense idea is gaining steam to get your money out of those Wall Street, “too big to fail” banks, such as BofA, Citigroup, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase, and move them to your local bank. They are all FDIC insured up to $250k. Credit Unions are also a great thing to use and usually have higher interest rates for your cash savings. It’s a way of both punishing the banksters and making more money from whatever savings you may have.

Find a credit union near you here:

The “Move Your Money” website with all the info:

04 Jan 2010

2009: Year in Review

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From the Inauguration, to Newspapers crumbling, to the Peace Prize, to Democrats. 2010 really is the Year of the Tiger!

Goodbye to 2009, Hello to 2010: Year of the Tiger


Once again hands are raised in stupefaction. How could they have missed him – meaning in this case Umar Abdulmutallab the Nigerian bomber on that flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Why, his own father – one of the most powerful bankers in Africa – gave the US embassy in Lagos a warning! He was on the US master computer list of potential terrorists but never made it on to the watch list.

The Truthers reject the obvious answers – caution, bureaucratic inertia, buck-passing, turf fights – and say it was a plot. Obama joins Bush and Cheney in the big conspiracy. It won’t be long before David Griffin rushes out a book on the affair.

Personally, I’m not at all dismayed at evidence that intelligence gathering networks are flawed, that bureaucrats pass the buck. Hyper-efficiency in these matters indicates we have arrived at the perfect police state.

Of course there is room for common sense and elementary vigilance. In the case of the Virginia Tech killer there was plenty of evidence that Cho Seung-hui was a time bomb waiting to explode. Students talked about him as a possible shooter and refused to take classes with him. His essays so disturbed one of his teachers with their violent ravings that she arranged a secret signal in case she needed security during her tutorials.

And then was there was proof positive that the time bomb had exploded and the mass murder session began in the engineering building, the police state proved all too human in actual performance. The police cowered behind their cruisers until Cho Seung-hui finished off the last batch of his 32 victims, then killed himself. Then the police bravely rushed in and started sticking their guns in the faces of the traumatised students, screaming at them to freeze or be shot.

Read the rest here

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