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31 Aug 2009

How Clean Is Your Beach?

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The Natural Resource Defense Council created a nice web tool to check out how clean or polluted your local recreational waterway is. Many major beaches across America are listed. Check it out here or click the map below.

Map of water ratings for beaches across America

12 Aug 2009

Think of a Map

The Israel/Palestine debacle can be confusing and nuanced. I highly recommend looking at a map anytime you are thinking about or discussing this issue. It is a great way to start a discussion from an honest place. In case there is yet another peace deal made, don’t buy into it unless you first see a map with clear borders, pointing to the settlements and Israel-only highways in the West Bank. I believe this is important not only because it will lead to justice, but because it is easier for the average person to understand.

The best place for maps of Israel and Palestine can be found at The Foundation For Middle East Peace. You can find all their maps here.

The most disturbing maps are of the West Bank. Check out a full screen view of the below West Bank Map here. The dotted green line is the internationally recognized border of the West Bank, written in 1949, the so-called “green line.” However, looking at a map, you can see just how aggressively Israel has usurped Palestinian land, beyond what they were given after World War 2.

West Bank Map Divided Partitioned

This short video from American Friends Service Committee has a very enlightening set of maps of the West Bank that really tells you just how much land has been taken from Palestinians since 1948.

For more detailed information on Israel and Palestine and America’s involvement, watch this interview with Phillip Wilcox, President of the FMEP.

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