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29 May 2005

Free Online PBS Documentary – The Persuaders

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I just watched the documentary called The Persuaders at the PBS website. It exposes the advertising industry for what they are: corporations willing to do anything to get consumers to buy stuff. Advertising is an integral part of political campaigns. Today, politicians are just trying to “out-market” each other. One day, I hope, a politician will come along who wants to be the one with the best policies. As long as advertising rules all, it won’t happen. I have written this quote before from Naomi Klein, “The only thing that can defeat expert marketing is authenticity. Then the marketing candidate will be exposed for all their lies and his campaign will fall apart.”

Advertising is also the main reason for the pathetic news media in America. This great documentary explains all of this with interesting and intelligent analysis. The Persuaders will also help you save money since it will teach you the game of consumerism.

10 May 2005

Pentagon Attack Scenerio Questioned

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Why won’t the U.S. media ask tough questions? This video really makes you wonder what happened on September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon. It made me realize that I have never heard a detailed review of what actually happened that day at the American military headquarters. Even if this isn’t true, I think its important for us all to go outside the boundaries of mainstream thinking and analyze events independently.

-Thanks Quinn for the link

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