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16 Aug 2011

“Karl Marx Was Right”

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Nouriel Roubini has been explaining basic economics for years now, and gained national prominence in 2008 when he analyzed correctly the housing sector and predicted the housing price drops. People at the time of course called him crazy when he said house prices could fall 35%. Here he explains how capitalism can kill itself: if corporations cut labor and reduce wages, it then reduces demand because people don’t have money to spend, which then leads to more cuts. The downward spiral is reinforced until everyone loses.

You can watch the entire 22 minute interview here.

11 Aug 2011

For Your Defense

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These are the types of things that the military spending (50% of your federal taxes) go to each year. Note that “the troops” aren’t part of it. Most people don’t realize where the bulk of taxes go, unfortunately. I suspect our much-talked-about existential threat, the al qaeda, isn’t very worried about hypersonic missiles. Although I must admit it is an interesting engineering experiment, and possibly not as ridiculous as the Gay Bomb idea.

“The first HTV-2, launched by Pentagon bleeding-edge research arm DARPA in April of 2010, disappeared over the Pacific after just nine minutes of flight. The vehicle was never recovered.”

“tens of millions of dollars poured into the Falcon program every year”

“Lockheed Martin was paid to build two copies of the aircraft before the first was even flown. If there turned out to be a flaw in the design, correcting it might’ve been near-impossible.”

A pie chart to show the craziness in picture form….

The “Gay Bomb”

09 Aug 2011

Thanks Tea Party

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We now get to enjoy their economy, so this video gives thanks.

Just keeping score, I believe the economic accomplishments so far were extensions of the Bush tax cuts for 2 more years, including for millionaires and billionaires, and then slashing government spending (with only surface cuts to the bloated defense budget). Thank you so much, I can’t wait to see the unemployment rate after these changes!

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