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28 Jan 2008

Suharto, Responsible for 1 Million Deaths, Dies of Old Age

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I was just reading this and couldn’t believe what I read…
Shortly before [Suharto] died, I interviewed Alan Clark, who under Thatcher was Britain’s minister responsible for supplying Suharto with most of his weapons. I asked him, “Did it bother you personally that you were causing such mayhem and human suffering?”

“No, not in the slightest,” he replied. “It never entered my head.”

“I ask the question because I read you are a vegetarian and are seriously concerned with the way animals are killed.”


“Doesn’t that concern extend to humans?”

“Curiously not.”

If you don’t want to hear the mainstream media version of Suharto’s legacy (so that you don’t have to hear from people like the above), check out a good discussion by Democracy Now! here:
Former Indonesian Dictator Suharto In Depth Discussion

10 Jan 2008

Our Democracy In Action

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Greatest Democracy on earth, right?

Study: Of Over 2,000 Sunday Talk Show Questions to Candidates, Only Three on Global Warming

“A new study by the League of Conservation Voters found that the five major Sunday morning political shows asked the presidential candidates well over 2,000 questions in 2007. Just three of the questions mentioned global warming.”

This is the main reason why I don’t think we have a democracy…generally people have no clue what the candidates stand for. Unless people make rational decisions based on full information, we can’t have elections that make things any better. We just know how likeable they are, how smart, trustworthy, etc. Only personality traits. This is why people end up voting against their own best interest. The reason the candidates do this is pretty clear: if we know what their actual policies are, we would never vote for them.

Check out the video that fleshes out just what these talk shows are about:


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