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20 Oct 2006

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Wow, watch this film if you can. It documents in great detail the 2002 coup of Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela. This coup was perpetrated by the elite of Venezuela, with the alleged backing of the CIA. Two Irish filmakers happened to be making a documentary when the coup took place, and this film is the result. One side note that I think is very interesting is when you see the interviews of people united against Chavez, they are wealthy of course, but they are also much more light skinned than the average Venezuelan. I have noticed that in many countries the affluent tend to be more light skinned, just like in the US. This is a side note when it comes to the film, but it was something that kinda got to me while I was watching. Can racism be more blatant? Look around you the next time you are with mostly rich or mostly poor. The film is about 75 minutes.

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