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26 Mar 2005

Petition Political Grandstanding

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U.S. political leaders and their megaphone (also known as the corporate media) are using the Terry Schiavo case to distract Americans from issues that actually affect their lives. If they care about life so much, then how can they let a single Iraqi civilian die from their bombs? And if they believe dying means they get to go be with God, why won’t they let this woman go to heaven when it is obviously her time to go?

Sign MoveOn’s new petition to leaders of Congress to stop using a couple’s tragedy for political gain.

Sign ActForChange’s petition to prevent Congress from slashing the budget for Medicaid, which would genuinely help America’s sick.

19 Mar 2005

No More War!

A huge sign of solidarity against the illegal Iraq war

I attended one of the protests around the world today, this one in Los Angeles. I was hoping to see 1,000 people come out, on this rainy day. By the time the march through Hollywood started, there were about 10,000 people there. It was a beautiful event, everybody was on the same wavelength-no more war, stopping the ruling elite from killing for their profit, and there is no mistake about the connection of Iraq and Palestine. This protest is just another example that if this many people are willing to march in the rain, how many more are out there that want this vicious, illegal war to end? Of course, if you watch the chicken shit American media tonight, you won’t hear a peep about these protests. 100,000 people protested in London alone today. There were protests all over the world. The people want change, and are showing strong solidarity. The mainstream media is doing everything they can to muzzle us. I have not yet seen (I know, it won’t happen) news coverage from corporate media that actually interviews the protestors or shows footage of some of the speeches. Corporations are against us, but it is very encouraging to see the mass amount of support out there today.

13 Mar 2005

Day Of Protest This Saturday, March 19

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Mark the second year of war on Iraq by demonstrating your opinion in solidarity with millions of others. There will be demonstrations everywhere. Find one in almost all 50 states here, or go to our “Get Involved/Demonstrations” page. Read this amazing speech, from the World Social Forum, about why showing our disgust with this war is so important.

07 Mar 2005

Organize With Progressives

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Kathy found this link that will help people find a place in their community where they can get together and help stop the appointments of right wing ideologues to permanent positions in the Federal Judicial system. They will also be discussing privatization of Social Security, the war on Iraq, and winning Congress in 2006. People are meeting this Thursday, March 10.

06 Mar 2005

Refusing To Play By Their Rules

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The U.S. government sold us binary choices, and some people are starting to buy it. They told us “You are either with us, or against us.” Aren’t there other choices?

A Neocon Named Cinnamon

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Jill found this article about a liberal that became a neo-conservative because of September 11.

05 Mar 2005

What Is Fascism?

Kathy found this video defining what fascism is (about 2 minutes) and alluding to what the U.S. government has been doing that falls under the definition.

02 Mar 2005

Democrats Need To Hear This

Listen to this speech given in 1988 (about 3 minutes) by a Democrat who won the state of Michigan by 55% to 28% in that years primary. Democratic leaders today should listen and know that this is what popular Democrats used to stand for. The speech is taken from the documentary by Pacifica called A Passel Of Pomp & A Circus Of Circumstance.

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