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29 Sep 2008

99% of the People Are Against the Bailout

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I was watching The News Hour with Jim Lehrer tonight to get some sane discussion and analysis of the debacle going on right now in the U.S. This quote from’s Jeanne Cummings made my blood boil:

And I was hearing that their calls were like 99 percent to 1, you know. It was the local community bankers who were saying, “Please do this, because we’re next.” But otherwise it was very negative public response to this. And then, of course, we had some partisan petulance. I mean, it was sort of Washington at its worst. It was a really toxic mix.

So, Jeanne, of a company called POLITICO, you say the fact that congress actually responded to the will of the people was “Washington at its worst!” This is exactly what is wrong with this country since its founding. The leaders in Washington, and their surrogates that are sent out to “analyze” for we the people, have disdain for popular opinion. Alexander Hamilton referred to the American people as “the great beast.” That is why the people were not allowed to vote for their Senator until 1913! And here we find ourselves in a very serious national problem, where a democracy should let the people decide our destiny. Yet the powers that be, and their surrogates like Jeanne Cummings, the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, AEI, the Wall Street Journal, etc, etc must wrest power from the people for our own sake.

Democracy is a form of government, capitalism is a form of economics. If we vote for socialism, or for the investment banks to pay for their crimes, or for anything, then so be it. That is the will of the people. All you who want to spread democracy around the world, that is how it works. Lets start here at home, and the House rejecting this bailout was a great start.

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