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15 Nov 2010

Common Sense Solutions Really Means Dumb it Down

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Matt Taibbi’s latest articles on the Tea Party and the Financial Collapse have been excellent, this short article gives a flavor of his good work.

“By rallying behind dingbats like Palin and Michele Bachmann — the Minnesota congresswoman who thought the movie Aladdin promoted witchcraft and insisted global warming wasn’t a threat because “carbon dioxide is natural” — the Tea Party has made anti-intellectualism itself a rallying cry.”

“…her primary complaint with the deeply flawed reform bill sponsored by Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank was that it would “end free checking accounts.”

I thought 8 years of Dubya would have been enough simplicity for the century…based on the recent election, apparently a bunch of voting Americans want more of it. Sigh. Turnout appears to be about 40%, according to a GMU website.

Read the whole article here.

Taibbi’s latest on the foreclosure debacle can be found here.

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