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29 Jul 2009

Beware of Politico

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For those of you out there like me, who are wondering where Politico came from and why are they all over the place, Glenn Greenwald, as usual, has an excellent analysis. He shows that after declaring in an article July 27th that there are only 3 house seats for grabs in 2010, and all are currently Republicans, Politico today ran a cover article talking about a “GOP Resurgence” for cryin out loud! Apparently Politico is run by a long time GOP operative. In another post, Greenwald says: “President and CEO of Politico, Frederick Ryan, is also the Board Chairman for the Reagan Library. And that makes sense, because Ryan is a long-time, hard-core Reaganite.” BS headlines like this “GOP Resurgence” are meant to drive web traffic (from a link by Drudge, for instance) and get booked on talk shows, not for relaying accurate information. Watch out, they are selling a product, not informing.

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