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13 Feb 2005

Iraq Election Results

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It looks like the Iraq election results came back with a not so surprising desire for the U.S. occupation to end. Naomi Klein reports how Iraqis voted. It looks like the U.S. government won’t be letting democracy get in the way of their agenda, however. Even though it looks like the United Iraqi Alliance won popular support, a man inserted into that party by the U.S. (he is also currently the Finance Minister) will run the country. Not much of a coincidence to me that a captain of business would be made the leader, and not democratically. Klein points out how the U.S. mainstream media, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper on The Daily Show, were simply pleased that people voted, not caring at all what they were voting for. People have been acting so pleasantly surprised that Iraqis actually came out to vote, displaying a desire for liberty. When will people realize that no matter what our ethnicity, all people desire freedom and liberty? The fact that people came out to vote under such dangerous conditions is just more evidence of this. More people in the media must do what Naomi Klein did and pay attention to what changes they actually voted for.

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